Fall-Winter 2017 Womens Chanel Bags

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‘Let Chanel surprise you’ was one of the nuggets I got from Chanel’s President of Fashion, Bruno Pavlovsky, when we sat down for an exclusive interview (more on that that later) moments before Chanel’s recent Fall-Winter 2017 runway presentation in Paris’ Grand Palais last week. And can I just say, it wasn’t just surprise I felt when the show started; it was the full-on jaw-dropping what-kind-of-sorcery-is-this surprise that had my goosebumps tingling with excitement.

And as far as greatest show sets ever created, this would surely be one that gets remembered for generations to come, with Chanel doing what it always does best: presenting their RTW collections in the most theatrical of presentations. Standing almost as tall as the 147 feet glass domed ceiling, the centrepiece of the entire show was the Chanel-branded rocket which ‘lifted off’ almost 30 feet at the end of the show. There was a countdown, there was lots of smoke, there were oohs and aahs aplenty as all 2600 guests strained themselves silly to snap the best image they could on their smartphones.


Then there were the bags, and there were plenty, from the novelty to the functional. From the smallest of clutches in the shape of planets and rockets, to large everyday bags in the form of backpacks and totes, there will definitely be something for everyone as far as function/size/style are concerned. There were also familiar favourites, from the Boy Chanelgiven a sprinkling of ‘stars’ in the chevron weave to the Gabrielle in new colours, from shades of pink to iridescent hues.

On my own personal wishlist? The rocket, the oversized tote and of course, that silver backpack but because it’s way too early to tell if a) they will make it into production, or b) how much they will actually cost, this boy will just have to dream (and continue to have goosebumps) whenever he relives the moment by rewatching the show on Youtube.

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Mulberry Maple Bags

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The Mulberry Maple – A Bag For Everyday… Mulberry has introduced a new tote in the first collection by Creative Director Johnny Coca. The Maple is the epitome of an easy, useful tote –it features an open shopper-style top, and its beautiful thick leather reinforces the structure and holds an elegant line even when carrying heavier items. The Maple’s tall silhouette makes it eminently suitable to carry laptops, tablets, magazines and papers. Unlikemost classic totes, the Maple also has an external, detachable pocket, useful for keeping small essentials together.Detach the pocket from the tote when the whole bag is not needed: dual-functionality ideal for a work bag. The Maple Tote was designed with the busy customer in mind. Mulberry’s (also very busy) Creative Director Johnny Coca give his view of the Maple in five minutes… “The Maple’s beauty is in its structure – the simplicity of the form and the careful addition of details. It isn’t gimmicky, it is just a well-made tote that can be easily accessed and carry all the things you need day to day -the size was deliberately specified to fit A4 documents and laptops. It also has double the carrying options – both the top handles and the straps can be detached so you can adjust the tote to carry it exactly how you need. We also added the pocket to the front as a way to provide even more flexibility – the pocket detaches and becomes a chic pouch for running out quickly for your morning coffee – no need to bring your whole bag and your whole world with you every time.” IMAGE: MULBERRY First, let me start the post by addressing the elephant in the room. Yes, while that’s one of Mulberry’s new bags, I can’t help but think how perfect it would look sitting in a Céline store. Not that it’s a copy of anything Céline has so far, but it sure feels like something that French luxury house would have done too. And that’s because of Johnny Coca, former accessories designer at Céline who’s now the newly-appointed creative head over at Mulberry. And while he would need time to grow into his new role at Mulberry, theMaple, frankly, isn’t a bad bag at all. For one thing, it’s a tote, something that we all most definitely need especially when there are laptops and work documents involved. It has dual handles, the first being the pair of short top handles, the second a long sling that you can use to carry the bag over the shoulder. IMAGE: MULBERRY Then there’s the external button-down pocket, which wisely can be removed as well to be used separately as a mini-clutch, or inside the tote as a mini-wallet. Yes, it all makes perfect sense, and it all works. Measuring some 33 cm by 31 cm by 13 cm, the Maple is crafted from vegetable-tanned goat leather, and besides the ones that will come in solid hues, will also have variations that come with contrasting pouches, like the one in Burgundy that comes with its pouch in purple. IMAGE: MULBERRY Priced from GBP895 and up (or around SGD1790 after conversion, which isn’t too pricey IMHO), you can pick up one of the 4 colours currently available via Mulberry online, where they now also offer worldwide delivery with free returns. And while you’re there, do check out Coca’s new take on the classic Bayswater as well.

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Céline Releases First-Ever 2017 Bags

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 Collection Bags

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

In a collection that shut down New York Fashion Week with a dazzling bang, Marc Jacob reminded us once again that he never disappoints in the dramatics department. New York’s famed Ziegfeld Theatre set the scene for Marc’s trademark genius theatrics. This time he paid homage to American cinema, as well as Americana itself, and took the word “show” to full-blown proportions with a lengthy red carpet, cigarette girls, classic candy, and popcorn. The highly entertaining collection also seems to pay homage to the prolific work of the designer himself. With a retrospective mood, we were offered a helping of the best of Marc Jacobs all at once, including elements of old-school grunge, à la his early Perry Ellis era; sassy ’40s Hollywood-era glamour; shrunken military suits and varsity jackets; glam-rock platforms fit for Ziggy Stardust; sweeping dresses with high-shine luster, fit for other red carpets to come; and, of course, plenty of irreverence, from stars-and-stripes motifs to wacky screen prints.

It also marked the first time he combined the showing of little-sister label Marc by Marc with the main collection, and the result was a high-low mix that encourages us to counter our pricy bag with more accessibly-priced shoes. Speaking of bags, it also heralded what just might be the most excessive yet insanely fun bag collection I have ever seen from Marc Jacobs (and I’ve been a huge MJ whore since college!). The crossbodies and clutches snapped, crackled, and popped with as much pizazz as the twinkling red, white, and blue separates, but if anything, Marc is a man of intelligent dichotomy, and the “bones” of the bags remain as classic as they come. Crisp, clean lines, which could be likened to that of a beautifully constructed home, laid the ideal foundation for pieces to be adorned with sequins, charms, and patches galore.

Marigold-yellow python paired with Mickey Mouse and the Statue of Liberty? It somehow works flawlessly! So do kitschy pin adornments that bring to mind digging through Grandma’s old jewel box, while a traditionally structured rectangular shoulder bag gets outfitted in marching band-style piping and trim, and an elongated clutch receives the American flag treatment in sparkly sequins. Rather than buying stickers that could ultimately ruin the bag, Marc has done the work of accessorizing your accessory for you. His message is clear: More is more is more! And really, is there anything more richly American than excessive amounts of excess?

Shop Marc Jacobs bags hereicon.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

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buy birkin bag

Congratulations on your decision to buy a Birkin bag! Some of the most important questions to address before you being your process include: “How to buy a Birkin?” “Where to buy a Birkin?” “How do you make sure it is authentic?” At PORTERO we have been selling and consigning Birkin bags for more than 10 years, and here are the 7 things you absolutely must consider when buying your first Birkin bag.

1. Authenticity

How to Buy a Birkin BagHermès Tosca Fjord Birkin 35cm with Palladium Hardware $20,850

The first thing to consider when purchasing your first Birkin bag is whether it’s authentic or not. Always buy from a reputable seller who provides lots of pictures of different angles of the bag. If the bag is authentic the seller will have nothing to hide.

2. Size

Buy Birkin Bag

When buying your first Birkin, consider your lifestyle. Are you a mom on the go who needs a roomy bag? Do you plan on using your Birkin mostly for travel? Perhaps you’re really loving the current mini bag trend, or maybe you’re petite and prefer a bag that doesn’t overtake your figure. Because of the many options available, consider all these factors before making your purchase.

3. Color

Where to Buy a Birkin BagHermès Rouge Vif Epsom Birkin 35cm with Palladium Hardware $8,500

Think about your wardrobe and how your Birkin fits in it. A lot of people opt for black as their very first Birkin color because it’s so versatile. However, perhaps a neutral color like Etoupe or Gold might work best for you. Maybe you want your Birkin to stand out and want to get a pop of color. Hermès has a large amount of beautiful colors you can choose from, so it’s worth spending some time researching them, and deciding on the one you’ll wear the most.

5. Hardware

Buying Your First Birkin Bag

The two most popular hardware options offered by Hermès are Gold and Palladium. When picking out a hardware for your first Birkin you should consider which tone of accessories you wear the most. If you don’t care much for a matchy-matchy look, or you wear both tones the same, then hardware selection will not be an important factor. However, most women prefer one over the other.

4. Leather

Buy Hermes Birkin BagHermès Electric Blue Clemence Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware $17,425

Hermès also offers an array of different leathers. Togo is the most popular one because it does not scratch easy and can be refurbished at the Hermès Spa to make it look like new. However, Togo is heavier than other leathers. For example, Clemence is smoother to the touch but will not hold its shape over time, this gives the bag a slouchier feel. We recommend researching the different types of leathers (and exotic skins) Hermès has available before making your decision. You can refer to our Hermès Leather Guide video for more information.

6. Price

How much is a Birkin bag

By now you must know Birkin bags are an investment. Though what is the best price to buy a Birkin bag? You should be prepared to spend anywhere from $7,000 to $100,000 on your first Birkin, depending on the leather (or skin), size, color and hardware of your choice. Purchasing a Birkin in the secondary market will come with a premium but will guarantee instant gratification and guarantees you will get the exact same Birkin bag you want. At the boutique you will not only have to wait, but you will be offered what they have, which may not be the bag you want. In the secondary market you also have the option of perusing pre-loved handbags that will come with a lower price tag. And always remember, if the price is too good to be true, the bag is most likely a fake.

7. Accessories

Buy Birkin Bag

A pre-loved Birkin may or may not come with its original orange box, but if it does it will cost you extra. An Hermès dustbag is always preferable, but you can keep you first Birkin safe in any other dust bag that is size appropriate. Before purchasing your first Birkin, be honest with yourself about how much you want the accessories, and consider if you have the appropriate room in your closet for them.

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Where to go when you are searching for a bag that is modern, different and durable? Well, just visit Prada boutiques.

Prada has been doing a lot of inventing lately, they have been moving out of their comfort-zone to create new luxury bags for us. For instance, take a look at the Prada Corsaire Bag.

Just to let you know, if we lookup the word ‘Corsaire’, it basically means ‘Pirate’ in French. Take a closer look, now that might explain where the inspiration came from.

With large belt and shiny golden hardware, fringes decorated with rings. The darker color that goes perfect with the ‘Pirate’ theme, and it also matches outstanding with any of your winter outfits.

Featuring buckle closure and leather shoulder strap, the interior is refined with outside flap pocket and one inside pocket with zipper, this is a strong and durable bag.

Measuring 25 x 20 x 10 (L x H x W) cm, priced between $1990 – $2440 USD, €1500 – €1850 euro, £1170 – £1470 GBP, $2720 – $3330 CAD, ¥220320 – ¥272160 JPY











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