Prada Men’s Spring 2018


Miuccia Prada for Men’s Spring 2018 Collection got inspired by comic books. The designer admitted that she doesn’t read them but she enjoys the illustrations and appreciates their uniqueness. The fact that comic books are a hand drawn piece of art was the main thing that inspired the designer to put comic motives all over her designs.

“They are little fragments of life, which is what you get now from the information, the media: So I was more and more attracted to them. Even if I never liked them.”

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection Comic Shirt and high waisted wool pants

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection Comic Boiler Suit

The designer wanted to celebrate the human’s talent and hard work in the digital world. Miuccia asked her longtime friend James Jean and Belgian graphic artist Ollie Schrauwen to paint the roof, the floor and the walls with Roy Lichtenstein-ish cartoons- inspired characters. Anyway, she asked the artists to avoid too superhero motives because she wanted to celebrate the humanity. The two artists covered the panels with giant monkeys, bugs and ladies’ eyes with bold black lashes, a huge ant looming over a house, rushing locomotive and etc.

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection Monkey Print Sweater and High waisted black pants

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection  Graphic Coat and shirt and black shorts

When it comes to the clothes Miuccia Prada certainly surprised everyone with this collection. Prada presented many boiler suits in a Haute Couture version that confused everyone. It seems unusual for a man to buy boiler suit by Prada and work around the house in it. Maybe boiler suits are making a breakthrough in the fashion industry. We won’t be surprised considering the fact that the fanny packs made their comeback and the biggest style icons can’t get enough of them. Luckey for them Miuccia Prada included enough oversized fanny bags in this collection.

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection navy boiler suit

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection gray boiler suit

The collection was dominated by graphics and daring designs. Prada stated that she wanted to celebrate every day’s peoples’ stories, but her designs were definitely far away from the comfort zone.

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection  red short sleeved graphic shirt and back high waisted pants

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection graphic sweater and high waisted pants

It’s safe to say that the coats were the most wearable pieces of the collection. It was unclear why Prada decided to show heavy wool coats and sweaters for Spring 2018. Miuccia Prada knew people would be confused and explained her decision.

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection gray coat and red pants

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection camel coat and grey shirt and pants

“Everything was a little bit too naive, too simple, so we thought these heavy coats would be the right counterpart. That is just fashion—because we love it.”

The pants were high-waisted, loose and accessorized with skinny plain and printed belts.

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection khaki suit, red shirt, gray wool sweater

Prada Men's Spring 2018 Collection Gray Suit

Prada’s Men’s Spring 2018 show was the first one that was streamed live on and on their Instagram story.

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People often say that there is beauty in simplicity and we are 100% one on this especially when it comes to fashion and style. The Prada Leather Shoulder Bag is of no exception with its eye catching minimalistic design.

A fashionably minimalistic shoulder bag that you can carry on a daily basis, this Prada Leather Shoulder Bag is surely one of the things you’ll be looking for before heading out. Now why do we go gaga over it despite its simplicity? Allow us to count the ways. We love that it boasts of a genuine calf leather for that ultra plush feels and that it is perfectly complemented by gold-plated hardware. The metal lettering logo in front is also another eye catching feature as it adds the right amount of glitz. The design is simple, which makes us focus on the important part and that’s the leather!

The leather eye-ring connected with the adjustable shoulder strap is also a new feature that we couldn’t dare miss! It also has a flap closure for security purposes and for easy access.

And if you’re wondering if it has any compartments, throw your worries away off the window as this Prada Leather Shoulder Bag features one outside pocket with zipper closure.

Measuring 23 x 14.5 x 5 (L x H x W) cm and is priced $1590 USD, €1300 euro, £1120 GBP, $1190 CAD, ¥184680 JPY via Prada boutiques.








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As if things couldn’t get any hotter for your smart phone’s casing, comes this Prada Leather iPhone 6 Plus case.

Beautifully and meticulously crafted in Italy, sporting the label’s signature elegant Saffiano leather, this iPhone 6 Plus case from Prada is an everyday essential. Trust us, once you own this beauty of a phone case, you’ll never want to go back to your old one.

If you take a good look at it, you might have mistaken it as a wallet or as a mini sized bag but don’t be fooled by its gorgeous looks for it really is an iPhone case. Prada’s iconic golden logo is prominently displayed at the front for its timeless signature appeal.

Aside from this, we also love the fact that it has a magnetic fastening for effortless access and a zipped compartment, which provides easy organization. It also has a detachable chain strap so you can always opt to carry it by the shoulder or by the hand.

Measuring 3.5” x 7” x 1” (H x W x D) inches and is priced $580 USD, €470 euro, $4500 HKD, $860 AUD, ¥71000 JPY




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Inside Prada's show space at Via Fogazzaro, Muiccia Prada showed her Spring 2017 collection that, in short, could be described as a series of spectacularly fine, feathered moments. Here's what you need to know about the '70s-inspired collection.

Many familiar faces walked the runway, but they weren't who you'd expect.

Instead of stacking the catwalk with a bunch of Insta-models, Prada went with who she knew: truly iconic Prada models likes Liya Kebede, Raquel Zimmermann, Fei Fei Sun, and Arizona Muse.

The '70s shaped the collection.

Yellow and brown plaids! Hot pants! Feather trimmed...well, almost everything! Prada's runway was an homage to the decade that brought us disco and Good Times.

Feathers played an integral part in the show.

Of the 49 looks, 38 had some sort of plumage in it. 38! Feathers trimmed two-piece sets, lined the sleeves of robes and jackets, decorated up-to-their slits on skirts, and of course were perched atop Prada's signature sandals.

A highlight of the Milan Fashion Week schedule, Prada unveiled its SS17 collection in the vast intergalactic space hangar that is its HQ’s show space. In typical Prada style, the house’s look was based on clashing prints and awkward-cool styling. Plaid blazers, box-pleated skirts, wrap pencil skirts, turtle necks and tons of those aforementioned print combos made for big geek chic vibes — which is Prada’s bread and butter, really — and the leather safari jacket (pic #11) packed serious artsy punch.

Those looks were then given a whole lot of fabulous sass thanks to the miles of ostrich feathers that exploded from various models’ sleeves, legs and feet — how’s that for a set of statement pieces?

Prada is one of the most intellectual names on the high fashion circuit — its SS17 looks veered from from Harvard-educated librarian to sassy poolside gallerist — but the gleeful use of fluff and feather showed us that Miuccia and co. aren’t afraid to have a bit of fun, either.

Prada Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in feather trimmed top and pants with geometric prints

Prada Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in feather trimmed top and pants with geometric prints

The Prada woman is dressing up for the spring-summer 2017 season. On Day 2 of Milan Fashion Week, Miuccia Prada unveiled a collection covered in feather trims with a touch of crystal embroidery. The silhouette is ladylike and feminine, nipped at the waist with high necklines and mandarin collars. In her hand, the Prada woman holds an oversized clutch also covered in fur and even colorful patterns. Prints are a story of the season with classic plaid and gingham paired with retro florals and geometric shapes. Bralettes—a favorite amongst designs this spring are worn over turtlenecks and crisp shirting. Finishing the look are chunky platform heels and flower adorned slip-on sandals.

Prada Spring 2017: Model walks runway in plaid jacket over feather-trimmed skirt

Prada Spring 2017: Model walks runway in plaid jacket over feather-trimmed skirt

Prada Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in color-blocked leather jacket over feather-trimmed printed skirt

Prada Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in color-blocked leather jacket over feather-trimmedprinted skirt

Prada Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in printed dress over turtleneck top

Prada Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in printed dress over turtleneck top

Prada Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in crystal embellished dress with high neckline

Prada Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in crystal embellished dress with high neckline

Prada Spring 2017 -ready-to-wear runway collection by Miuccia Prada

Prada Spring 2017 – Past Forward

Few collections during fashion week are as eagerly anticipated as a Prada show, that sense of excitement you get from not having a clue what you’re going to see on the runway, to that glorious moment when we get to catch a glimpse of Miuccia Prada when she pokes her head out at the end of the show, smiles knowingly and, in a flash, disappears. Then, of course, there’s the aftermath when we’re left with the impossible task of dissecting the meanings and intricacies behind the collection, and subsequently go on to start mentally planning our wardrobes for the next season.

Prada Spring 2017 has not been all that different, we’re still analysing the runway collection, decoding what it all meant, and are looking forward to a wardrobe jam-packed with some very chic outfits, that altogether give new meaning to the word elegant.



Prada Spring 2017 -ready-to-wear runway collection by Miuccia Prada

Prada was wanted to focus on the now, the present, and do something more simple in order to create a new type of elegance.

Miuccia Prada “was thinking about something much more simple and trying to find a new sort of elegance,” this season. Don’t get confused though, Prada Spring 2017 was not about a new minimalism, but rather a new simple elegance that took inspiration from the realities of the contemporary world—from the complexity of modernity.



Prada Spring 2017 -ready-to-wear runway collection by Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada collaborated with the renowned director David O. Russell to create ‘Past Forward’ the multi-screen installation that accompanied the runway collection, which left viewers ‘to decode what is experience, what is memory, what is dream, and discern the overlap and the difference between them’.

The context of the collection was Past Forward, the short film installation—or ‘cinema poem’ as Mrs Prada described it—created in collaboration with renowned director David O. Russell, fragments of which were simultaneously being broadcast on screens in conjunction with the show across the backdrop of the futuristic runway, creating an intimate dialogue with the collection.
Past Forward is styled as a surreal, futuristic silent dreamscape with an eclectic cast of characters (including Allison Williams as a Hitchcock blonde alongside Connie Britton, Freida Pinto, amongst others) who are meant to be ‘elements of a complex collage’ as ‘the viewer is left to decode what is experience, what is memory, what is dream, and discern the overlap and the difference between them’. It was much the same story with the actual collection—a complex collage of Prada past, present and future—with fashion observers left to try and make sense of it all.


Past Forward turned out to be a rather apt explanation of the collection too, “Past Forward is about the future and reality fast forward.” Miuccia Prada said, and so this season she went back through the archives and looked at the signature tropes and codes of Prada, and reinvented them for the contemporary modern woman.


There was definitely a little of that nineties nostalgia <link blog post…. the fashion world is currently obsessed with going on here, Miuccia Prada’s latterday ugly chic aesthetic that pretty much defined Prada in the nineties became a key point of reference as those graphic deco prints that look like a dodgy old vintage sofa from the seventies appeared in just about every look; on mock turtlenecks, mandarin collar blouses, wrap-dresses, button-down shirts that were worn underneath itty-bitty spaghetti-strap bra tops or nylon cropped vests, and even more minuscule miniskirt-cum-shorts hybrid—yes, Mrs Prada is saying that other nineties fad, the skort, is back!

Prada Spring 2017 -ready-to-wear runway collection by Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada says the skort is back, so start working those leg muscles ladies for next Spring when it’s time to get those pins out!




Prada Spring 2017 -ready-to-wear runway collection by Miuccia Prada


The only thing more abundant in this collection was the profusion of feathers; fluffy ostrich feathers sprouted out from the busts of those natty little crop tops, at the armholes of very chic floaty chiffon smock dresses, the cuffs of chinoiserie-style patterned pyjama trousers, down slits and hems of spiffy wraparound overcoats, as well as all the delightful accessories, including mink fur stoles plumes with fuzzy Marabou feathers, and metallic t-strap kitten heels embellished with shimmery iridescent paillettes.
Prada Spring 2017 -ready-to-wear runway collection by Miuccia Prada

Prada does Florals for Spring? How original…



Well it wouldn’t be Spring without them would it? Prada’s Spring florals however, were original. Ever the contrarian, Miuccia Prada got 2×4 2× (the design consultancy founded by Michael Rock, who are also frequent collaborators on Prada projects) to create a textile print based on the dress worn by Eva Saint Marie in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, the result was a simple but stunning mandarin collar shift dress printed with a graphic black and white floral pattern allover.
More florals came in the form of primrose, daisies and daffodils forming repeat patterns on jersey shirts that were worn beneath modest vintage bathing suits, or jacquard check blazers and knitted grandpa vests, all of which came cinched at the waist with plastic belts, underlining the juxtaposition of elegant femininity and utility of the collection.

Prada Spring 2017 -ready-to-wear runway collection by Miuccia Prada

Prada’s Spring 2017 accessories on the runway were fun, feminine and fabulous.



As well as all those aforementioned accoutrements adorned with plumes of ostrich feathers, there were, well more feathers of course, the marabou and mink fur stoles were undoubtedly the must-have accessories to come out of this Prada collection, but that wasn’t the whole story. Oh no, Mrs Prada meant business, literally. Leather goods were businesslike; models clasped earnestly at large envelope clutches decorated in slick black crocodile skin and spotted pony fur, mini clutches in pony fur and calfskin came with huge crystal embellished medallions, and the classic madras clutch was printed with beautiful falling primrose. With clutch handbags included in almost every one of the forty-nine looks, it’s pretty clear that the clutch will be the handbag du jour next season.
Footwear illustrated a more ebullient mood present in the collection, again, there were a whole lotta feathers to primp and preen;
pointy-toe mules were covered in sequins and crystal trimmed with ostrich feathers at the ankle, strappy sandals were jazzed up with fawn fur straps and a fluffy pony pelt of fur in the platform heel.

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Where to go when you are searching for a bag that is modern, different and durable? Well, just visit Prada boutiques.

Prada has been doing a lot of inventing lately, they have been moving out of their comfort-zone to create new luxury bags for us. For instance, take a look at the Prada Corsaire Bag.

Just to let you know, if we lookup the word ‘Corsaire’, it basically means ‘Pirate’ in French. Take a closer look, now that might explain where the inspiration came from.

With large belt and shiny golden hardware, fringes decorated with rings. The darker color that goes perfect with the ‘Pirate’ theme, and it also matches outstanding with any of your winter outfits.

Featuring buckle closure and leather shoulder strap, the interior is refined with outside flap pocket and one inside pocket with zipper, this is a strong and durable bag.

Measuring 25 x 20 x 10 (L x H x W) cm, priced between $1990 – $2440 USD, €1500 – €1850 euro, £1170 – £1470 GBP, $2720 – $3330 CAD, ¥220320 – ¥272160 JPY











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Prada sure knows how to create everyday multi-functional totes that we can use on a daily basis. This Prada Diano Tote is no exception to that. With its elegant calfskin material with Daino finishing that offers a supple, pebbled texture, you’ll be giddy to tote this Daino tote over your shoulder or in the crook of your arm during busy days or if you are in a hurry.

A practical essential thanks to its carryall size, the Prada Daino Tote can carry and hold all your essentials and other necessities. The classic and favorite black color is also perfect for your year-round wear.

This Prada tote features top handles for fuss-free carrying and a magnetic fastening for easy access. It also has a front pocket to store your other essentials, and a detachable snap-buttoned pouch.

Looking inside, it has fabric and leather lining, internal zipped and slot pockets. It measures 12′ x 12′ x 5.5′ (H x W x D) inches and is priced $1510 USD, €1350 euro, $2150 AUD, ¥185000 JPY, $11700 HKD via MyTheresa.






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