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If you think that backpacks are for teenagers and highschoolers, you might reconsider this idea, because Balenciaga might change your perception with its Perforated Signature Backpack. Crafted in a simple and smooth design, this is a new surprising backpack from Balenciaga.

Exuding a casual street-smart ensemble, this Balenciaga Perforated Signature Backpack has been meticulously crafted from black lamb leather. Now you might wonder why it’s ever called a perforated backpack, take a look closer and you’ll find the answer staring right back at you. This bag carries the brand’s name perforated on the front pocket for easy recognition.

Take it with you anywhere you go especially when you’re out there catching trains, hopping from one bus to another as it is convenient to bring around. With its roomy interiors, you’ll never have to worry leaving some of your stuff at home as it can carry your essentials and even your basics!

Let’s go take a closer look. It has a two-way zipped top for an added sense of security and has an adjustable shoulder straps and a top handle so you can always carry it in whatever way you want. It features a zipped front pocket for easy organization.

Measuring 14” x 10.5” x 5.” (H x W x D) and is priced $1515 USD, €1195 euro, $12400 HKD, $2315 AUD, ¥186000 JPY




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The smallest might be too tiny, the largest might be too big, but the Diorama Small Flap Bags seem to be the perfect size.

And they’re gorgeous too.

We handpicked a couple of Diorama Bag in single colors, because we think it’s the most timeless and the best value for your investment.

We belief the Diorama Bag will be in the fashion world for a very long time, it’s the first squared flap bag that Dior has designed. And they are in many variations.

For those that love all-shiny-things, the perforated flap bags are the latest design. The beautiful badge-inspired closure is gorgeous, crafted with the brand’s signature ‘DIOR’. Very charming.

I love soft pink, it has something special. And it looks stunning especially for this season.

For more prices and sizes, please go to: Dior Bag Prices.









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Is the Baby too small? Can it not carry all your daily essentials? Well, the Baby Diorama wasn’t build to be an everyday bag. But you know, sometimes you just have too many essentials to take and even in the evenings.

If the Baby is not big enough, we need a bigger size. So Dior has created another bag, the Diorama Mini Flap Bag. Now the family collection is complete.

The Diorama Flap Bag consists of five sizes, let’s get this straight:

Diorama Large Flap Bag: 29 x 18 x 9 cm
Diorama Medium Flap Bag: 25 x 15.5 x 8 cm
Diorama Small Flap Bag: 21.5 x 13 x 8 cm
Diorama Mini Flap Bag: 18 x 11.5 x 4 cm
Diorama Baby Flap Bag: 13.5 x 8.5 cm

There you go.

Though the baby is the cutest, the mini Diorama is lovely too. The Perforated leather makes sure it doesn’t fade into the background, but to be on the front and help you standout – stealing the show! By the way, it’s even in orange.

A futuristic bag, but also timeless, it’s embellished with oversized ‘Cannage’ design that creates contrast with miniature perforated motifs for a determinedly graphic look. It features the ‘Crest-Shape Clasp’ in silver tone (the orange version of course) and it comes with a shoulder strap to carry on the shoulder or across the body.

The shiny leather with shiny chains, do you love this bag?




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It was launched as the ‘first complete flap bag’ of Dior. The squared and boxy shape, embellished with creative objects like badges, flower prints, multicolor diamond prints and so on. The possibilities were endless.

When the Diorama Flap Bag hit the runway, it looked bold, feminine and yet with a little touch of boyish. It makes you look cool carrying it. And the uniqueness is obviously the badge-like closure, Dior calls it: ‘Crest-Shape Clasp’, though some of the designs skipped this symbolic closure.

But not, you can forget everything what I have just said because the new bag called: ‘Diorama Perforated Baby Pouch’ (especially the term ‘BABY’) is completely changed our view.

It’s now officially cute…and sweet, and we’re absolutely in love with it.

Cute because its like a baby trying to look like a grown-up – it’s tiny but it has the same size ‘Crest-Shape Clasp’ just like its larger editions. The bag is embellished with many creative patterns, which is the uniqueness of this line. It features a chain strap, making it looks chic and futuristic at the same time.

Though it’s called a ‘pouch bag’, it’s simply a super-mini bag with chain for the evenings and the nights out. It’s also beautiful when carrying it with blue jeans at day.

Embossed with ‘Cannage motif’, the chain is around 120 cm while the size of this bag is 13.5 x 8.5 cm. It features a flat pocket and a credit card slot inside.

And about the price, we’re still chasing it. So come back later on.




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