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A-Closer-Look-Mini-Diorever-Bag What’s the rave all about with the newest Mini Diorever Bag? Aside from the fact that it is the mini-me and cuter version of the Diorever bag, what’s more appealing to us is that it comes in different shades that could suit your personality. In this photo, 4 different shades of the Mini Diorever Bag is on display: classic black, bright-hued blue, playful yellow and light-toned pink. The classic black color is perfect for corporate women since it adds in-depth style to your everyday office ensemble. The bright-hued blue on the other hand stands out especially if you wear that favorite white dress of yours. The playful yellow color on the other hand add a splash of color to your monochromatic clothes while the light-toned pink adds a touch of femininity and sophistication. We sure bet it’s fun and refreshing to see these colorful bags outside while women proudly carry them on their hands. Well it might be safe to say that the Dior Fever is finally on! A-Closer-Look-Mini-Diorever-Bag-2 A-Closer-Look-Mini-Diorever-Bag-3 A-Closer-Look-Mini-Diorever-Bag-4 If there is anything that never gets old for me at the fashion shows, it is that amazing feeling, in the one millisecond just as the lights dim, when the impossibly noisy hall hushes to an incredible vacuum, before the spot falls on the opening look. The anticipation of what the new season holds, the want to see newness, eyes on the runway – as well as on Suzy Menkes (before you read what was on her mind after) – simply thrill. (It is not the same through live streaming, nor looking through the slideshow of looks after, nor the showroom visit.) Raf Simons sent his models down the SS2016 runway show (his final one for the House) with the Diorever bag – It did not make a massive impression the first time I saw it. But I wanted to see newness. And I did. The reviews read generally ok, although some critics were fast to reference it to the Birkin. I tend to think that the first initial feelings (positive or negative) towards any new collection may not necessarily hold to the end. At least not until you have had the chance to hold the product in your hands, and ask yourself if you must take her home.
I held that thought, and the first deliveries of the collection came through to the store five months on. This narrative is not about the RTW (Ready to Wear), so let’s focus on the Diorever bag. I liked the bag. I found the construction interesting, and very clever (Read: PurseBop’s story on the bag construction). Everything I have read or heard, of the basis of comparison between the Diorever and Birkin, dissipated. They are really quite different, from the aesthetics to the construction. I did not rush into bringing the bag home though. I am petite, so I prefer small bags. I had my eye on the mini only, and decided to wait to see all the available colours first, at the risk of the earlier previewed colours selling out. I am happy that I waited, as the Yves Klein Blue I eventually chose is very stunning on the bag style. This is despite the colour being the exact shade as my Blue Electric Birkin 30.

Here a couple of user observations to share after taking my mini Diorever out for the past days :

  • Carrying the bag as a top handle tote – Two ways of wear:
    • (1) Bag Flap Closed
    • (2) Bag Open  i.e. flapback, where the flap goes over the top handles and clips to the back via the magnetic snaps.
I think the mini Diorever looks dainty and very ladylike when carried top handle style. However, there is the initial inconvenience of bending the top handles through the cut-out on the flap, if you wish to carry the bag open (flapback). The bag looks different either way, but even in the flapback mode, there is an additional internal flap at the bag opening to prevent spillage or theft. Very well thought out.
  • Carrying the bag shoulder slinging the bag, or as a crossbody:
The detachable shoulder strap has five adjustable notches, so that there is the option to shoulder sling, or wear it as a crossbody. Do note that the strap is to be applied to an inconspicuous hook on each side of the back panel of the bag, so it has a slight forward tilt when shoulder slung. It sits perfect otherwise when slung crossbody. To mitigate the tilt, snap the side buttons close, these buttons are located at the top of each side of the bag. It gives the bag a different look again, but note that the capacity of the bag is then reduced for this mini.
Words can only articulate that many differences, so I have taken the following series of pictures to share. I have taken a few what’s in my bag pictures to give you sense of capacity. I also took a few Diorever versus Birkin 30 comparison pictures for size reference and color reference.

What’s in My Mini Bag? (#wimmb):


#WhatsinTheBirkin also known as Nesting Bags:




Yves Klein Blue Mini Diorever versus Blue Electric Birkin 30

I’ve given you my detailed review, and truly couldn’t be more happy (P.S. Only if #happylovesithappywearsit). I’ve shared. Now you decide for yourself. 1ec7fb98-602a-4b7e-871f-aca184462e25 Since its first appearance in the Spring/Summer 2016 runway show, the Diorever bag has been one of Dior‘s hottest bags. For Fall 2016, the Diorever comes in different materials and colors. This season, it is available in Smooth Prestige Calfskin, Bullcalf Leather, Suede, Calf Hair, Crocodile and Ostrich. There are a variety of colors for Fall, from basics to bold to pastels such as Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Lilac, Sky Blue and Pink.

Style & Price



Dior Calfskin Diorever Tote Mini Bag $3,000.00 (USD)
Dior Calfskin Diorever Tote Medium Bag $3,400.00 (USD)
Dior Calfskin Diorever Tote Large Bag $3,900.00 (USD)

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Hermes Mini Kelly

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Ok Hermes lovers, it’s official!

A new Kelly (the Kelly Mini II) measuring a mere 20 cm is expected to arrive this fall! Don’t get too excited though because getting your hands on one may be next to impossible, at least here in the US, unless you’re a VIP customer in one of the Hermes flagship cities.

The buzz is that it will only be available in Miami, Beverly Hills, and the mothership in NYC, but with Hermes one can really never really predict. Maybe the Hermes Goddess’s will have pity on those of us living in more remote areas of the country, LOL.

The mini Kelly will be available in Chevrè and Epsom leathers.
Colors offered will be Blue Hydra, Moutarde, Rose Lipstick, Craie & Rouge Tomate. The price tag definitely won’t be mini, unless $7,700 somehow qualifies as diminutive in your books.

From what we can gather from the latest Sept. 2016 issue of Town and Country , the new mini treasure has more of a pochette shape than the traditional Grace Kelly shape we’re familiar with. Unlike the Hermes Kelly pochette clutch, this will have the traditional detachable shoulder strap 

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A gorgeous, gorgeous bright bag, no wonder it’s called the Dolce Box Cinderella Mini Bag from the classic Dolce And Gabbana Dolce Collection. A surefire way to lend that extra ray of sunshine into your ensembles, this happy yellow colored mini bag is the perfect companion to bring.

Set in a vibrant yellow structured design with touches of tonal crystals and carved detailing for a dimensional effect, this bag is one for the books. It features the label’s iconic floral-embellished turn-lock that adorns the front for a signature feminine touch.

Made from Plexiglas, this beauty also features a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap. Add an instant pop of color to your style by having this mini bag within your reach.

Measuring 3.5’ x 2.5’ x 1.5’ inches and is priced $1745 USD, €1150 euro, $12900 HKD, $2700 AUD, ¥189000 viaMyTheresa.



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Furla Perla Mini Crossbody Tote

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This adorable little bag has such a great shape. It’s taken some inspiration from a classic north-south tote and restyled it to irresistibly detailed effects. Tapering towards the top, it’s got the same of appeal as a bucket yet it’s totally different. Any bigger and you might find yourself losing things; this size is ideal.

It’s small, but a small bag is big enough if you don’t have young children and all their gear, or you need your tablet with you, or a change of shoes…I could go on. I mean, you know this isn’t a bag you’re going to live out of, but I’m used to cutting down. I’m all about the bare essentials!

Don’t be deceived: the rings the strap clips to are decorative. I like it when hardware serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose, which should always be so. I’m not a fan of extraneous hardware, but I’m willing to let it slide because this bag, in navy, aubergine, or hot pink, is such a great frugal score.

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OMG, look what we’ve found – the Saint Laurent Mini Quilted College Chain Wallets.

The Saint Laurent College Bag was not released not long ago and already, the fashion house is downsizing the new design into an irresistible tiny bag.

Tempting and seductive, the Saint Laurent Mini Quilted College Chain Wallets make every girl drool. The Chevron Quilting and the iconic YSL logo on the front flap combined make it truly a timeless accessory. Ten years later, you will still be proud to have this baby in your wardrobe.

While the bag is irresistible, it’s missing a long chain to wear cross body or on your shoulder. However, look closer how the short chain is attached to the mini bag… it can be easily removed and switched to a long chain. So no worries, put some creativity into it and you will have a mini shoulder bag of your own.

The Saint Laurent Mini Chevron Quilted College Chain Wallet can function as a large wallet or an evening clutch. You can also grab on the short chain by hand and wear it like a mini tote bag.

The bag is made from suede, the interior features one large compartment for all your essentials, as well as an internal slot pocket.

Oh yes, if you don’t like suede, they’ve this bag in full leather as well, for the same price.

Measuring 3’ x 4.5’ x 1’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $595 USD via MyTheresa. Now go and hunt this baby.






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The Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag is a timeless piece from Chanel but did you know that there are new colors available for this season? Chanel heard all your pleas and requests ladies so it’s now bringing you these stylish and plush Mini Classic Flap Bags in several rich shades that you can choose from.

With its beloved thick diamond quilting effect and its interwoven chain strap, it’s no wonder that the Mini Classic Flap Bag remains a true classic up to this date. The classic CC logo and clasp is still there which is an absolute no-brainer beauty!

For this season, the Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag is available in the colors of plum (dark violet), royal red, black, and flesh nude color.

As per August 2016, the price is $2700 USD, €2250 euro and £1910 GBP. The size is 5.3′ x 6.7′ x 3.1′ inches, available via Chanel boutique.


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